Friday Frivolity: Answer me this

This Friday Frivolity is to initiate something for my readers to participate in.

Most days I publish a ? of the day.  Even though my questions are typically rhetorical—that is to cause you to think, not necessarily answer, I am seeking witty answers.

Even if my silly questions cause you to smile, I believe there is even more humor in answers to my puzzling questions.

For example, I once asked:  If a cow won’t give milk, is it a Milk Dud? 

I got these answers:  That’s udder nonsense.

                       And :   I might even say it’s bull.

With that in mind, I’m hoping many of you will visit my web page —  Look through the ?s I’ve posted there in the past.  Think of a clever comeback.  The aim to get lots of my readers, Facebook friends, and anyone else that happens to surf their way to my web page to submit humorous, if not punny, responses to particular ?s of the day.

Remember, I said funny.  Once I posed:  So…what is the speed of dark? One of my “genius” friends actually sent me the formula.  Also I do have some readers who search Etymology to tell me the source or logic for a word or phrase.  Those may be enlightening, but truth nor logic are what I seek.  Phrase your “answers” to give a chuckle to other readers.

Let’s have some fun. Who’s going to be the first answer today’s ? of the day Is it easier to see the pie in the sky if you’re pie-eyed?

Better yet, who can tell me:  How do you get down from an elephant?

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