Ocean Breeze

I’m essentially a bar soap kind of guy.  I just like the feel of cleaning with a bar of something of more substance than jelly.  Sure, many bars come with fragrances, but I don’t buy Lifebuoy because I want to be reminded of what an orange Kapoc ring floating in water smells like.

In a wonderfully loving gesture, my wife and granddaughter included a bottle of Ocean in their purchases at the BodyWash Temple.  Chelsea persuaded Sue to do that even though Sue revealed I wish everybody used Dial.  Chelsea claimed the Ocean smelled manly.  Sue admitted the aroma reminder her of a favorite men’s aftershave.

I’ve always adhered to the loving policy to try each and every gift.  I don’t categorically reject something just because it’s not my norm.  Quite the opposite.  I’m very susceptible at trying some things I’ve never tried before…especially those I’ve been warned to avoid.  I’m even foolish enough to taste something after: “Yuck! This tastes horrible.  Here, see what you think.”

Although I cannot rationally explain why anyone would take such a chance of abusing their taste buds, I haven’t “eaten soap” since my mother last caught me in a lie.  So, I squished some Ocean into my hands and lathered up.  By the way, this particular bottle claimed to be both body wash AND shampoo.  Wow…if I like it I will no longer need to save all those free tubes of hair shampoo the motels provide.

Anyway, back to the wafting aroma of the Ocean body wash.  Hmmm, I must admit there was a smooth lather accompanied by an aroma that did kind-a remind me of the Atlantic off of Maine.  I closed my eyes to take in the fragrance of the Ocean.  I could almost feel the gentle breeze of the Ocean…hear the waves lapping upon the rocky shore…hear the gulls…and smell the dead fish caught in the craggy rocks.

With gifts…it’s the thought that counts…right?

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