Friday Frivolity

Yes, I do know that this is Saturday, not Friday.  But it is a four day weekend and I was really busy yesterday. I had a procedure accomplished on my foot.

I now have a much clearer picture of “minimally invasive.”  Envision a nail in your heel.  No, not stepping on a nail.  More like a 6-penny nail driven half way across your heel bone…4 times.

It matters not that my foot was on euphoric drugs, imagining how dirt must feel with night crawlers burrowing in.  It is of little consequence that the “burning” from that numbing needle could only be measured in seconds.  It was still comparable to just a one-second contact with a frying pan.  

Oh, and there are two of those shots.  One just slightly beneath my calloused heel.  The second “firing” from the injection was clearly designed to sear the tender meat deep within my heel.

This was just the beginning minutes of the “procedure”. Today, it stretches my imagination of how to differentiate between “procedure” and surgery.   

If it’s the size of the incision/hole,  yesterday’s  “procedural hole” was definitely NOT simply the insertion of a scope, yet the sensation I’m having this morning is akin to arthroscopic SURGERY.  

Furthermore, I’ve often thought that any medical  action ending in  …otomy  was surgical removal of something undesirable.   All things considered, I am now recovering from Percutaneous Ultrasonic FasciOTOMY (otherwise known as SURGERY.)

I am ambulatory (went to a baseball game last night) in my boot.  I have no regrets for having this done even though the “day-after pain” is comparable to a hangover headache in my heel.

The surgeon is confident of full, distress-free recovery, and I got to see the “videos” of his vacuum cleaner inside my heel.  REALLY!  It was a super-sucker tube removing backwash of supersonic vibrations of the scar tissue of my Plantar Fasciitis.  Very interesting.  All in all, I’m frivolously happy lounging while watching college football tapings.


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