Friday Frivolity: Give and Take

Typically, the phrase “Give and Take” refers to a negotiation.  It is not referring to one person giving and the other taking.  Rather, it’s trying to reach an agreement by each person giving a little as they gain a little.  Also related to trade offs.

As is my norm, I contemplated the usage of the words give and take, rather than that particular phrase.  This isn’t a grammar class, so disregard the dictionary.  Think usage.  I’m a bit surprised by my mental wanderings into phrases that use the word “give”.  Though it is the season for giving, that is not where my usage surprise came from.

Aside from “gifts”, I am more likely to give someone a hard time. I’ve been accused of giving someone a cold.  Almost everyone is prone to give advice and unfortunately, giving heartache is all too frequent.  Even though Rhett Butler withholds giving a damn, it’s still a negative. And, I think you would admit that  really giving it  to someone has adverse connotations.

Also, almost always in adverse situations, we can give in, give out, and give up — why we never give down does baffle me.  Lastly, at least according to Sue and Amara, I am often in compliance with my degree from snot-dom U.  I seem to be predisposed to give satirical stabs.

So, I could conclude that we “give” bad things.  Conversely, it seems like we “take” good things.  Taking a break is a welcome respite from difficult tasks.  And if the break results in taking a nap, so much the better.  Of course extended breaks, commonly known as taking a vacation, is a good thing.

Additional good things would be to take heart…figuratively of course.  When things are not going so well for us, others advise us to take solace,  …a deep breath, or their advice (which they freely gave, yet we don’t particularly want to take).

We take medicine for our own good, if not protection.  Also for our protection we take steps,  … an umbrella, take shelter …while the storm takes its toll.

Finally, someone taking from you is certainly not for your good.  Let’s not be confused, when someone takes you to the cleaners it’s not for the good of your clothing and if someone takes it out on you, I’ll bet the it is not for your good.

So, most of the time we give bad stuff and take that which is good for us.  I hope Christmas reverses all of that as you give goodness to others while taking the God’s gift to heart.