Friday Frivolity: Christmas Tradition

I love Christmas shopping. Not only do I enjoy all excursions with my wife, Sue, there is also the joy of imagining other’s gleeful excitement of opening our gifts.  This is especially true of “young people”.  Yes, adults often are pleased for the gifts they receive.  However, the younger the recipient is, seemingly more excitement is apparent.

On a particular trip to the store, we were focusing on our Great-grandson, Xavier.  He’s three.  In aisle 1, it was quite apparent that my imaginings of him opening our gift was different than Sue’s.  She spotted a display of pajamas.  One in particular was emblosomed with a Spiderman and words to the effect of I’m what a Super Hero looks like.  I liked it and instantly thought of Xavier’s shout of joy.  Initially, Sue seemed to agree that it was “real cute…pants, robe, hood and all.  I figured shopping was over.

I figured wrong.  Sue moved on.  Honestly, I should not have been surprised.  Men shop with a function in mind.  Women shop.  Other than “cute”, I had no clues as to whether the PJs would reenter our thoughts for Xavier.

Sue stopped to browse underwear.  Underwear?  Sugar Plums don’t dance over underwear.  Sue declares she is going to text Chelsea to see if Xavier needs underwear.  “What?” I exclaimed—as in what about Christmas is need.

I asked Sue to try to imagine Xavier unwrapping his gift at Christmas.  He excitedly rips off the paper, tears open the box to whip out…underwear.  Can you see him turning to his mom—“Do I need these.”  Not me.  My vision is him being thrilled and tell his mom that “…it even has a hood and robe and everything.”

Sue was thinking like a grandma.  What does the boy need?  I’m thinking like a boy.  I remember Lincoln Logs, Wind-up cars, Erector Set—and even Howdy Doody PJs, but not argyle socks and Jockey shorts.

I persuaded Sue that we should get the PJs.  Sue had already texted Chelsea for her opinion on underwear need and size, so she texted again to say “Never mind.  We’re going to get pajamas.”  Immediately Sue’s phone rang.  She knew it would be Chelsea.

“Pajamas would be a nice gift.” Chelsea admitted. “But you cannot shirk your responsibilities and not get underwear.  You nearly broke Jordan’s and my hearts one year by not giving us underwear.”

I must admit that Sue’s interest in getting him underwear and socks was mostly because of tradition.  Xavier is 3-and-a-half.  His mom is 3-and-anther-digit, and she still gets……a “Secret” gift card.

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