Friday Frivolity: Language Laxity

As you know, most days I post a “? of the Day” on my facebook page as well as on my web-site;  Whether I’ve borrowed a question from public domain or created one from my own personal domain of irrationality, the English language provides me with almost endless nonsense.

Often I come across a thought that doesn’t really fit well into a question.  For example, I once heard Amara’s grandpa ask her for some sugar. She immediately knew he was not needing it to bake a cake.  He was seeking a kiss of sweetness.  My upside down mind quickly formulated the question; Is a man worth his salt if he doesn’t ask for sugar?

I suspect a great many readers would catch the link of condiments in the same sentence yet not realize the relevance of sweetness of a kiss.

Furthermore, Worth his salt, on its own is somewhat of a conundrum. It is available in most stores for far less cost than pepper. But who would ever say someone is not worth their pepper?

Even a scientist would question the value of the total amount of salt in our body. I’m a big guy who salts everything I eat and I don’t have enough salt to fill a shaker.  So, you can see why that question never made it to facebook.

Many questions that invade my mind are founded on phonetics.  In most cases, you cannot accurately type phonetics without spoiling the question’s intended humor.  If you say Console, the meaning is derived from which syllable you phonetically emphasize.  Thus writing Can you console someone across the console? doesn’t work.  Even if I alter it to …console someone’s sadness across your car’s console? a lot of the effect is lost due to explaining the pun.  How I hate trying to explain my inexplicable humor.

The other day I tried combining two different, unrelated, words two ways each.  Almost all of my friends, who usually comment on my word plays, replied with total confusion.  I honestly don’t know how they missed both Can and can(ning) and hide(ing) a hide in the same sentence.   That question is now canned from my archives.

To finish this Frivolous memo, I have a challenge for you.  I saw a sign the other day which stuck in a fold of my brain…medically known as sulcus.  Commonly referred to as it sucks.  Honestly, I would like to have some of you witty souls contrive a ? of the Day from:

 “Affordable Bankruptcy” 

If I was a bettin’ man, I’d surely bet they will list themselves at the top of the creditor list.