Ending soon…

My contract with WordPress is ending in about a week. I started this “web presence” with hopes that it would help sell books I have authored.

I have had 4 books published. 3 of them [Laughing at Life, Laughing in Stitches and Laughing while Shopping) are humorous short stories…many exactly as I posted here on Fridays. STUMPED is my fourth book and it is a much larger collection of the puns & conundrums I post here daily.  It seems that folks prefer to “follow” this site rather than pay a measly $8 for any one of my books. I have sold ZERO books from connections on this web page over the 5 years I’ve written ?s of the day and Frivolous stories most every Friday. Therefore I am discontinuing this web page.

It has been a fun ride and I wish you all wellness.