Photo of Ed KaiserEd Kaiser and his wife, Sue, live in rural Williamston, Michigan. In the warmer months, they enjoy gardening, especially Day Lilies. When the weather turns cold, Ed prefers his indoor hobbies of writing humor and stamp collecting. Regardless of the season, Ed’s mind is incessantly plagued with questions he cannot seem to resolve. These ?s of the day are his “signature” in e-mail as well as segues to each tale in his books.

Ed’s first book of 30 humorous stories, Laughing at Life, is a sampling from 16 years of Friday Frivolity—true narratives of encounters which were either laughable in themselves or those into which Ed instilled humor.

Laughing in Stitches, his second book, entirely consists of tales from his medical experiences. Though many people consider physical afflictions as regrettable situations, Ed considers humor as a therapeutic salve for his maladies as well as relieving some tension for his care-givers.

In addition to authoring these two books, three of Ed’s farcical, melodramatic, plays have been hilariously performed on stage—one of which earned him a CTAM (Civic Theater of Michigan) New Playwright Award. Ed particularly enjoys presenting his books to special interest groups and is equally adept at hilarious storytelling and impromptu humor during Q & A with audiences.

Whether in written words, staged performances or just everyday conversations, Ed endeavors to inspire laughter in everyone’s life. Please contact Ed for book promoting and signing engagements.

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